Friday, April 4, 2014

Our Weekend Getaway

It was finally time to leave!!!  Traffic be damned - we left a few hours ahead of schedule. It was about a two hour trip to La Conner.  We drove through all different types of weather - torrential downpour with super strong winds, changing quickly to blue, sunny skies and not a drop of rain in sight - for a minute or two... The RV park was nice enough.  The grounds covered a lot of area, and there were ginormous motorhomes When we arrived, the first stop was to check in.  The young man who worked the front desk was less than chipper about his job; he immediately started complaining about how this was the beginning of his nightmare and soon  there would be lines of trailers and motorhomes waiting to get in.  I was hopeful he didn't mean like, THIS weekend kind of soon.


 Finally, we chose our spot.  Stella was backed into the spot fairly easily.  The spots were not anything fancy but they were fairly wide and had some nice trees and moss on them.  That helps the aesthetics, you know.. The park has super cute cabins to rent, for those who don't have campers yet.  Our friends were staying in one right on the beach.  It was roomy, clean, and had satellite tv.  (its a win, win if the weather predicted is 100% rain.) The first night, everyone ate dinner together in the cabin.  The kids roasted hot dogs in a campfire and tried to walk on the beach.  But it was dark, raining, and VERY windy so they didn't get too far down the beach. They were coaxed to return to the cabin with promises of exploration the next day.  After all, you can't camp during Spring months in Washington without packing rain gear (boots AND coat) so everyone was prepared. The second day was super fun, as it was young Gabe's birthday.  We started the day out with breakfast at Calico Cupboard in La Conner (best breakfast ever here) and then explored the cute town.  Lots of fun shops and great photo opportunities.  Of course, the rain came as promised but we didn't let it stop our fun!  During the breaks, we hit the beach and explored the park, then retreated back to the cabin for dinner, birthday cupcakes, and rousing games of Apples to Apples.  Super fun. Finally, it was time to go home. Of course, once we hit the road, the sun came out. Which was perfect, because our back right tire exploded while we were on the freeway.  I can't tell you how much that scared me.  We're still working on getting that fixed.  Sad, sad sight seeing my Stella being towed behind a truck that isn't ours :( All in all, I'd give the weekend two tailights up. 

 If you're headed to La Conner, WA (maybe to check out the gorgeous tulips that eluded us on our trip), the La Conner RV resort seems like a great place to park for a few days!

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 XOXO, Stella

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